Lucky Dogs Daycare is a family owned, independent business providing your dog with personalized care and quality service. We provide supervised play areas, and interaction in a safe indoor play environment. Letting dogs have free-time to interact with other dogs and humans of all ages is one of the most important things responsible dog owners can do.

Dog daycare helps dogs develop into a calm, confident dog unlikely to bark, bite or become fearful or aggressive. Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs is probably one of the most important gifts dog owners can give themselves and their dog.

Plain and simple, Lucky Dogs Daycare is the best place to take your dog for day and overnight care.  Become a Lucky Dogs Daycare client; “where every dog is a Lucky Dog!”
Our clients run into our facility excitedly, and walk out exhausted.

Our facility offers over 6,000 square feet of play area for any size and any breed of dog. We have numerous rooms where we separate dogs by temperament, play style, age, breed and size. This ensures ultimate safety for your pet’s play time. Each room is monitored by our staff at all times.

We do not discriminate against any breed of dog. Each dog is individually evaluated on their first day – which is a trial day – to ensure that the animal has the personality and temperament to fit into our environment and our specific daycare groups. Please note that just because your dog has been in a daycare before, does not mean it will fit into ours. Our program requires that each dog can get along with a large group of alike dogs. We do not have any kind of mandatory “breaks” during our day – so that your dog gets the most out of his/her daycare or boarding experience.

All our employees are properly trained in areas such as, CPR / First Aid, Animal first aid and CPR, and are also trained to evaluate play based on a dog’s body language and behavior. We believe attention and prevention is key to keeping dog’s safe, we use our knowledge of dog behavior to prevent fights before they even have a chance to break out. This is essential for keeping dogs safe, healthy, and happy.